Halloween at Main Engine Press and wonderful words from my friend Whitney...


My wonderful friend Whitney Brewer wrote this on her blog. There’s not much more I can say about this other than she’s wonderful (which I already said) and I love her so much. She visited the shop a couple weeks back and, because she’s one of the most talented photographers in the game right now, took some photos that I didn’t even notice her taking. Anyway, they’re beautiful. That’s how good she is. She even got me to talk a little bit about Main Engine Press. Her website is www.whitneybrewer.com. You should contact her and give her money to take your pictures for you.


After you’ve visited Whitney’s website and hired her to be your photographer, you should visit my Main Engine Press YouTube channel. This week I made a new video in time for Halloween. It’s the second video on the channel, and I’m looking forward to making videos (and blog posts, too) a more common thing now that Main Engine Press is up and running. So, check out our Halloween post starring San Tha Cat and our new soon-to-be-available soft crew neck sweatshirt.

And here’s a picture of our new sweatshirt which will be available this weekend on our website (please, excuse the model—I was the cheapest and closest available).


Talk to you soon!


Justin Bell