Columbus Means Dove

Columbus Means Dove

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Let’s say the place where you live is named after a historical person that you have problems with. Let’s say you don’t like what that person who your town is named for did to other people, or what that person who your town is named for represents. Let’s say you’re sick and tired of it, because this has gone on long enough. Let’s say that you just flat out don’t like it. What do you do?

One thing that you can do is find out what that name means. Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, but the name Columbus, for instance, is an old word that goes way back to ancient Greek, and it means dove. Doves, maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, are often symbols of peace. And peace is a good word.

Another thing you can do is buy this shirt and wear it. I thought it up, I drew it, I printed it, now I’m selling it, and you can wear it. We’re a team, kinda.

So, now you know that Columbus means dove, and this shirt is printed with 5 colors of ink on 2 of my favorite T-shirts. These shirts are 50/50 polyester/cotton blend Alternative Apparel jersey T-shirts in Southern Orange, or Maize. These are really nice. So, now you know that, too.

All printing is done in Ohio, United States using sustainable, responsibly produced, and ethically used ink. Every garment is pre-washed, pre-shrunk, and is true to size.

All designs for Main Engine Press are hand drawn, and then individually and manually screen printed. Our goal is to create a uniquely crafted work of art with every print that honors the inspiration of the work.

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